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May 25, 2017

I am looking to develop a phone app. Is this possible with storyline. If not can anyone suggest the best software which does not need a high level of technical expertise?

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Akshay Sakhalkar

Hi Paul, While you are planning to build Mobile App. If you can share the following or, we can get on a webex call we can help you consider the right platform and see if you need any help. Drop me a note on

- Requirements/ Storyboard - What is the content, Interactivity, Games, Business flow ?

- Evaluating what would be the right choice Native or Cross Platform development like (Phonegap, Xamarin etc) or Storyline

- Audience and delivery platforms

- Pricing/Licensing for delivery

I hope this helps.

Regards, Akshay


John Morley

I see this thread is several years old, and in that time PhoneGap has closed up shop.

Is there any way now to take Storyline output into a mobile phone app. Not through a browser, or from an LMS, but a standard app that can be brought up by a tap on a mobile phone screen?

This would be a reference-type job aid with no user interaction other than basic navigation to let a user look through definitions, regulations, and procedures.