Monthly Subscription to Storyline?

I have a client who is requesting a course be created in Captivate to match their other courses and I noticed they offer a monthly subscription as an alternative to purchasing the software. It's $29/mo. I thought this was a GREAT idea for people like me who don't use Captivate all that often.

Are there any plans for Storyline to offer a similar subscription plan? I'm going to be purchasing it anyway, but was just wondering

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Michael Nealon

I learned to use Articulate products back with Presenter '09. I was employed by a large corporation and we upgraded a number of times, up to the release of Storyline 3. Since leaving that company and being on my own, I have often wished that Articulate would offer a monthly subscription plan. Without something like that, many Instructional designers and developers, like myself, are forced to go to your competitors.
You know your product is superior.
We know your product is superior.
Without an affordable subscription option, you are losing money that people (in this thread, even) are literally begging to hand over to you, and we are forced to use inferior products.

Just my two cents. ;)