Mouse cursor appears behind the recorded screen

Jun 08, 2021

In the project I'm developing I've encountered a problem with the mouse cursor.

When I use the zoom feature, the mouse cursor goes behind the video. The functionality to bring the mouse cursor to the front is disabled so I cannot use it.

Sometimes things work as they should, other times what I explained above happens. Any ideas/suggestions on how to make things work properly?


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Lauren Connelly

Hi Joana!

I'm happy to help! I don't see that we have a similar issue logged where the mouse cursor appears incorrectly, and in your case, appears behind the recorded screen.

Would you be comfortable sharing your .story file with us? You can either attach it to this discussion or upload it in a support case.

Joana Borges

Hi Lauren!

Thanks for the reply.

I cannot show you my project because is confidential but I created a similar example where the same problem happens.

As you can see in my example the cursor disappears both times when I want to click on something and use zoom. If I don't add zoom, everything is ok (as you can see in slide 3). Also if you remove the zoom from slide 1 and 2 it works well.