Move Resources tab to right in Modern player

Sep 25, 2022

At the top of my modern player, I have the module title on the left-hand side, and the three lines that show the Notes when clicked on the right-hand side. The final module in this course requires a Resources tab, but it is currently appearing immediately after the title (top left), and the customer wants it moved farther to the right, closer to the three lines that open the Notes. How do I do this for them? 

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Kathy Green

John, thank you for your response. I do realize that moving the sidebar to the left would allow me to put the Resources tab all the way to the right. The problem is that this is the 10th module in a series and the sidebar for the previous 9 modules is on the right, and the customer needs this module to be consistent (with the addition of the Resources tab for this module). I've presented them with the options I know of (move the sidebar for this module only, move the sidebar for all 10 modules with a change order and additional expense, or leaving the Resources tab immediately to the right of the module title) and am awaiting their response. If anyone knows of a different option, I'm all ears.