Multiple Attempts - Receiving Incorrect Feedback for Correct Responses on Subsequent Attempts

Feb 24, 2022


I have tried this interaction in both a drag-and-drop and a free form pick many with three attempts. If I get it correct on the first attempt, I get the correct feedback layer. If I get it incorrect on the first attempt but then correct the second or third attempt, I get it incorrect (even though it is correct).  Layers/base are set to reset to initial state (though I've tried every other combination of options).

Thanks for any insight you can provide.

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Danny Bittker

Hi Wendy, 

Thanks for the help. Unfortunately, I'm still experiencing the same issue on both slides (one of them already had the hide layer at the bottom). It's giving me Incorrect feedback on the 2nd attempt even when they're all correct. Could anything else be causing this? Thanks again. 

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Danny,

Thanks for reaching back out and sharing what you are still running into. I was able to see this behavior as well.

  • Pick Many:
  • Drag and Drop:
    • We have an open issue reported to our team specific to drag and drop interactions not performing as expected on subsequent attempts if the drag items have a motion path. I have added this conversation to our report.
    • The attached example has the motion path triggers turned off, and it works as expected.