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I'm building courses in Storyline 360 that are all about software simulation. During this training, learners become able to navigate interfaces and complete tasks using the tools and functions of the software. Much of the learning is therefore about clicking and selecting options to complete tasks.  

To properly measure student learning, I  need practical exercises that require completing tasks involving more than one click. Because I want to measure the ability to complete a whole task, I don't want to break it down into 3 or 4 questions that each require one click. This also means submitting each answer independently which makes the whole exercise quite artificial. 

Question: how to I set up a question in Storyline 360 to record more than one click before submitting the answer for evaluation? 


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John Morgan

Hello, JM!

Try using the Storyline's Screen Recording feature to turn a software simulation into a quiz. When you choose to insert a screen recording that you conducted in Storyline you'll want to choose to insert it as Step by Step and then choose "Test" mode. That is detailed further here.

Thanks for reaching out!

J-M Guillemette

Hi John, thanks for this suggestion, At the moment, simulations are built manually and not with screen recording. This gives me far more control over how the simulation progresses. Still, it may well be worth while using screen recording to build test items. I will look into it. 

I'm also looking into using variables to count the number of clicks before submitting an answer. I know how to work with variables but need to figure out how to pass this information to the "submit button" when appropriate. 


Maura Sullivan

I also build a lot of computer simulations from scratch so that they more closely resemble the actual software, and so I can control PHI and PII. We use animations with audio to explain difficult areas of the system, and at times allow multiple attempts. 

We usually don't have "questions" associated with this type of project. Instead we use a trigger to mark them as completed if they successfully get to the end.

Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, J-M.

Thank you for clarifying!

You can also insert screenshots directly from Storyline (Insert > Picture > Screenshot):

Windows 10 (1) 2022-06-10 at 3.20.39 PM

You asked about how to pass the value of a value to the submit button. Does that mean you want the value to be sent to a Learning Management System when the user clicks submit? If so, take a look at the article below:

If that's not what you're looking to do, can you share a sample .story file so we can offer more specific suggestions for your scenario?

J-M Guillemette

Hi Maria, the variable I create must be evaluated as right or wrong. Same as for any other question that's evaluated when learners click Submit. That's the part I'm missing: evaluating the answer (a variable) when submitted. I believe what's passed to the LMS is the result, not the actual answer to evaluate. RIght? 


Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, J-M.

If you want a Numeric variable (number of clicks) to be evaluated as right or wrong, you can insert it as a graded numeric question. The LMS will receive both the results (correct/incorrect) and the value submitted. 

You can hide the question from the user using the method described in the article I shared above. 

Is that what you're trying to do?

J-M Guillemette

Hi Maria, using a graded numeric question isn't the answer. This type of question requires learners to enter a number whereas I want to evaluate the ability to complete actions that require more than one click. In other words, one question, many clicks. I want Submit to evaluate a complete sequence of actions, not just individual ones. 

Here's an example. The course is about using software to operate the equipment needed to broadcast the news on television. A question requires learners create a newscast rundown. Here's the objective for this sequence: without assistance, learners will create a new rundown based on the information received. 

Completing this task requires working through a sequence of clicks to open menus, find options and select those that are relevant. Evaluating each step makes this question very artificial and does not meet the objective. I want learners to demonstrate the ability to complete a task (albeit a short one) on their own, in the right order. 

I will mull this over a bit more and see what might work. 


Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, J-M.

Thank you for clarifying!

The suggestion for the numeric question was based on your initial comment about wanting to "count the number of clicks". If you want to pass that as a variable in SCORM, you could use the survey method described here

Since you mentioned that you want it to also evaluate it as correct/incorrect, I suggested a graded question instead. The variable NumberOfClicks could be assigned to the answer field of the graded question. This would pass the variable to the LMS and give the user feedback on their actions. Triggers on a survey slide would achieve a similar interaction.

However, what you're trying to do is more complex than counting clicks. You want a sequence of clicks to be recorded and submitted to the LMS, and you want the user to receive feedback on this sequence. This will require several variables and triggers, but in the end, you'd still need to send those values through a question to the Learning Management System. 

I look forward to the suggestions our community members might have for you!