Multiple Hyperlink States? SL360

Anyone know if you can create and apply multiple hyperlink styles in one file?

I though you could create a new color style (duplicate the one I am using), apply ONLY to the desired slide, then adjust hyperlink styles to that slide.  But it seems to default to the one Hyperlink style that a file seems to accept.

If you Modify the Hyperlink style, it does so for all in the file. You can add a New Style (see attached) but it does not seem to allow you to add a new Hyperlink style.

The issue is I have 1) white text on black backgrounds, 2) black text on white backgrounds and 3) white text on orange backgrounds etc.  No one combination will work for all 3 and meeting client color scheme.  White, black or orange visited state won't work for all 3.

Thanks for any help!

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