Multiple Hyperlink Styles?

Anyone know if you can create and apply multiple hyperlink styles in one file?

I though you could create a new color style (duplicate the one I am using), apply ONLY to the desired slide, then adjust hyperlink styles to that slide.  But it seems to default to the one Hyperlink style that a file seems to accept.

If you Modify the Hyperlink style, it does so for all in the file. You can add a New Style (see attached) but it does not seem to allow you to add a new Hyperlink style.

The issue is I have 1) white text on black backgrounds, 2) black text on white backgrounds and 3) white text on orange backgrounds etc.  No one combination will work for all 3 and meeting client color scheme.  White, black or orange visited state won't work for all 3.

Thanks for any help!

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Jeff,

You are correct. You can have one hyperlink style in your project.

Would you be able to include a consistent color style to the text boxes that would also include a hyperlink or create a button for any links needed to match the color scheme?

I look forward to hearing ideas from others in the community that may have dealt with a similar requirement.

Jeff Forrer

Just to add onto this, here is an example:

Also, source file attached.

Not only is it tough to get links correctly colored, the visited states change to more than one color of text, black AND white after visiting them.  Thinking this may be a bug?

Siobhan Rice

Hi Leslie.

I have a similar issue with hyperlink styles.  I use two different styles - one blue and one white.  The blue is standard.  I use a white hyperlink on the 'Vision - Instructions Layout slide' as the text is white. 

Something that has worked in the past to resolve this issue is to use the 'Design' tab.  However, it is not working for me today.

It is an ongoing issue. 

As a potential solution: I suggest that the development team create an option under 'text styles' to apply a hyperlink style to the current slide.