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Hello - Hope someone can help me. Storyline only sends "the first selected option the learner completes" to the LMS, but I have a pretest that if they fail they take the whole course and then take a post test#1, if they fail they take another post test #2, if they fail that they have to start over. But if they fail the pretest the LMS is not picking up the new score from either round of the two post tests. How do I get my LMS to receive the score from #2 and #3?

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Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Sharon.

Thank you for reaching out!

Did you set up your first quiz as a Pre-check? 

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Pre-Checks: Give learners the opportunity to test out of a course. Offer a pre-check assessment at the beginning of the course. If the learner passes, their score gets reported to your LMS/LRS, and they don’t have to take the rest of the course. If the learner fails the pre-check, their score doesn’t get reported to your LMS/LRS, and the learner must take the course and a final quiz, which gets reported to your LMS/LRS.

Take a look at this article below for additional information:

Let me know if you have any questions!

Sharon Bildstein

Thank you so much for the response and information! I didn't want to do Pre-Check because if learner fails the precheck I want the score to record...what if they exit and don't return to the module until later? I need to be able to look at my LMS reports and track the learners activity. Sounds like Pre-Check would put me in the position of learner saying they took the quiz and I wouldn't be able to confirm that bc nothing recorded unless they pass.

My solution ended up being that I had to use 1 quiz, implement 6 custom variables, and build 21 triggers with conditions on my results slide to show the appropriate text boxes, and to re-route the learner to the course or quiz based on learners chosen path and the permitted number of attempts. This required a lot of testing, which I minimized by starting with just 2 questions to speed up the testing process, and then added all the real questions when the cycle was nailed down. The result is I can now track everything in my LMS, and the course works flawlessly! :)