Multiple Response Question with Multiple Attempts/Responses

Hi y'all -  Using SL3. I'm building a quick "checkpoint" slide to confirm that learners are paying attention to somewhat dry material... I've got a multiple response question with 9 possible answers; four are correct; and learners have three attempts.

**What I would like to do** is to show two different "try again" layers - a more generic one on the first "submit" (sorry, try again) and a customized one (try again, but here's a hint) on the second "submit." Of course, the third attempt says, "Sorry, you are not correct" and the correct answers always show "Correct! Good work."

Q1: Is there a way to have customized "try again" layers that appear as I am describing?

Q2: If not - is there a functional workaround that someone has implemented that does the same thing?

Thanks in advance!

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Joe,

You can customize the existing "Try Again" layer by changing the states of the objects based on the attempt. To do that, you need a variable to track the attempts. 

You can find full instructions and a demo file here: