Multiple response quiz questions not keyboard accessible

Dec 03, 2020

Greetings fellow Storyline developers,

I have created a course that includes some quiz questions that require a multiple response answer (i.e. "Select all that apply."). Unfortunately when using keyboard navigation for mobility restricted users, none of the answers can be selected. I can use the tab key to highlight each of the answers, but when I press Enter, the response option is not selected. On multiple choice questions, I can tab to each choice, and click Enter, and the answer is selected. Can anyone help me to correct this issue? I am using Storyline 3.

Thanks is advance for any help provided!

Marty Evans

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

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Samantha Kiln

Can I report that I have had exactly the same issue, and until reading this just now  had no idea about the Space bar! 

Can I suggest that Articulate add both options (multiple choice and multiple select) onto the Shift+? list as standard as soon as possible to help keyboard users out? I'm having to add a lightbox slide into every course I make at the moment with the inbuilt options NOT currently listed. 

Thank you :-)


Anne DeFelice

Hi I just ran into this . My question is, would this UI of using the spacebar to select Multiple Responses be something a keyboard user would know? Or should I add an instruction on-screen?

Also, has any other method for selection been added since this discussion 2 years ago, such as the feature request above?