My recorded screen capture video bigger than work slide

Feb 17, 2015

Need help My recorded screen capture video bigger than work slide


I've recorded software simulation screen capture in other project and import to a new project , the issue is the screen capture size is out of slide frame and i can not resize the screen capture video

how can i do for this issue ? please help

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Kathryn Berumen

Over 5 years after this post was created, and I'm here with the same issue. I went to design, and set the slide size, then adjusted my screen recording to the same size.  When I create the new slide, the recording is enlarged and only part of it shows.  I'm not able to resize it so that the footage I need to teach is displayed.  I'm using Chrome. The article I found recommends Internet Explorer - is there an update planned that allows 360 to work with modern browsers? I've been at this for hours, with no luck.   I was convinced there was a way to do it as easily as the YouTube explainer video, but alas! I will need to abandon this ship, use another recording software, and try again with another project.  Anyone have ideas for success?

Lauren Connelly

Hello Kathryn!

I'm so sorry for the trouble! This discussion is outdated and referenced an authoring tool that is no longer supported. So let's start from the beginning! It sounds like you have a screen recording on a slide but only part of the screen recording is displayed. Are you seeing this within Storyline 360 or specifically when viewing the course after publishing?

It would be helpful for our team to take a look at your .story file to understand what you're seeing on your end. You can attach it to this discussion or upload it privately in a support case. 

Don't hesitate to reach out in a support case if another issue arises! That is the quickest way to contact our Support Team.