Need ideas for creating Email interactions: Hitting a Mental block!...

May 01, 2021

Hi all,

I'm trying to create a course for "Email Etiquette" as it relates to the workplace.  More specifically, how to be more precise with "follow up" emails and more timely.  This is something I'm preparing for a Portfolio. 

I have an idea for an interaction where the learner creates an email and submits it ( maybe to a real address for review).  I was able to copy and paste an email body into a slide which is progress thanks to someone's suggestion from here! However, I'm struggling with how to create the interaction such as setting up the triggers, setting up limits for word count.  Maybe this is too technical?  Maybe there is a simpler, more straight forward way? Btw, I plan to integrate this with Rise.

Some support and suggestions would be appreciated.


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Anonymous M

Hi Dan,

I'm happy to suggest. Reading your situation, I think a possible interaction in your course is a knowledge check, quiz type portion where the learner decides from a pool of options what might be the best response in an email sample. An instance where you can apply this is where you post a certain scenario and the learner chooses which best response will result to a reply or an action on the part of the email receiver. 

You may also try creating a slide where it mimics a certain email application like MS Outlook. This is where a step by step instruction can be shown on how to create a reminder for emails that have not yet received a reply. I do understand in MS Outlook macros can be set up to show a pop up on emails that need follow ups; also, in gmail, in the settings part, it can be tweaked to highlight emails that have not yet received a response. :)

Dan Gladstone

Thanks Kenneth!  I appreciate your input. I think your options would be ideal for what I'm trying to accomplish.

However, I'm curious if there is a way I can setup a trigger for the "Send" button of an email to Forward a written email by a Learner to an actual Email account for review?  I understand this is a bit more technical, but am wondering how this can be accomplished if possible?


Ange CM

Hi DG,  Here is a link to a discussion and resolution  re: email and learner's notes. It's a .js fix, which is fairly easy to do. Some .story files are included, which helps deconstruct and construct. 

Matthew Bibby has some great stuff on his profile about js , extremely helpful

Dan Gladstone

Thanks AC!

What I'm stuck on his how to evaluate a Learner's revised email. Setting up an email form to an actual email address may not be necessary.  I wonder if there is a way the Learner can submit a response within the exercise for the trainer to evaluate?  I was able to figure out how the learner can input a revised email and was able to integrate a Submit button.  Maybe I'm in over my head with this and need to rethink the design and go a different direction.