New fullscreen mode - new errors

Aug 24, 2022

after a short test, I have found errors/limitations of the new fullscreen mode from storyline 3.67

a minimal example for testing (from another bug):

(1) storyline fullscreen mode is incompatible with F11 fullscreen mode of Chrome / Edge (please check it on youtube how this works well)

  • start the slide
  • press F11
  • press storyline fullscreen (video or course)
  • press F11 again
  • the both storyline fullscreen buttons are dead forever (until restart the course)
  • no problems with F11 on Firefox (Safari not tested)


(2) video fullscreen clickable, but sometimes without function

  • start the slide
  • press fullscreen on interface
  • press fullscreen on video -> nothing happens

3 Replies
Luciana Piazza

Hello Jürgen,

I appreciate you taking the time to share your findings when using the new full-screen toggle.

  1. Browser full-screen functionality is separate from the feature we've released for Storyline 360 and works independently and differently for each browser.

    The Storyline 360 full-screen toggle feature is specific to our player frame, variable, and our specific keyboard shortcut, which is Ctrl+Alt+F.
  2. When viewing a course in full-screen mode, the video full-screen button won't work. The full-screen command only works on one item at a time.

    We have a feature request submitted to allow both the player and video to display full-screen. I've added you to this request so we can share any updates with you here.