New in Storyline 360: Text Autofit Enhancements

We know how important it is for all learners to easily access and read the text in your courses, which is why we’re excited about the improvements we’ve made to the text-authoring experience in Storyline 360. With the text autofit improvements we’ve just released, you have new ways to manage text elements, more control over your text, and easier ways to make your text accessible. Here’s a quick summary of these improvements. 

Greater control over text

Three new text autofit options help you preserve your preferred font size and prevent text from automatically shrinking.  Now you can choose from “expand width,” “expand height,” and “fixed size” options. Read more about each of these autofit options and see the difference between the old and new approaches in this article.

More precision over the size of your text box 

Before, when you tried to resize a text box to your preferred size, it would automatically default to the height of the first line of text. With the new text autofit enhancements, you can now easily set the precise size of your text box regardless of the amount of text.

Having more precision also means you have a more accurate view of how your text will appear in the published output.

Faster workflow for a smoother experience

Now, with a single click, you can quickly toggle between different autofit options to accomplish more in less time.

Improved readability across browsers

Since accessible text is HTML text, it can display differently across browsers. With text autofit improvements, now you can easily adjust the text elements and remove scroll bars before learners see them.

We hope you’ll love the enhanced authoring speed and flexibility and greater control that comes with these new text autofit improvements. To learn even more, check out Storyline 360: Text Autofit Improvements and Accessible Text Features in Storyline 360.

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Tsvety Pendeva

Please, give us the ability to turn-off the New Auto-fit feature as it greatly impacts all of our projects. We would never want to have any scrollbars appearing anywhere in our courses, unless we put them in there! Plus the scroll feature is absolutely uncontrollable and untriggerable in Storyline 360 - no way to asses the actual position in the scroll unless you use outside Java scripts. I'm sure there may be teams out there that would find some use of it, but, please, make it optional!!!

Sylvia Drower

MAJOR BUG! 2 months after the complaints started and still no fix.  I have a large project.  Several menu option were completed, tested and ready to go last APRIL 2021.  

I imported these options into the final project for delivery yesterday.  I did a final run through expecting smooth sailing and WHAM! Text resizing all over the place.  Major disaster!

Client URGENTLY needs this delivery.  388MB in size so if I have to manually resize and retest the whole project I will not be delivering for quite some time.

ARTICULATE TEAM: What is the progress on fixing this disaster? I note complaints from 2 MONTHS ago.  Why is there no response from you guys with a FIX not a band-aid requiring time that we users do not have.

Sylvia Drower

Attached is a screen shot of one of the screens that was previously developed back in April. 

Previously I could type in my text at Articulate 12 black, the white background box would automatically resize to accomodate the text. Easy peasy.  It all worked very well.   

Now I have run that April version and this is what I got (refer attachment), complete mess! Note that now the text is enlarged, it is white and it isn't in the text box!

Where do I begin to start fixing this?

ALSO, my clients are testing previously delivered modules, what happens if they want changes? I assume that these entire modules will screw up as soon as I open them with the "newly enhanced" storyline 360.  What is the solution for maintaining modules delivered prior to April?

ARTICULATE TEAM: I need a solution and fast.  Can I disable this "enhancement"?

Julia Mays

Sylvia, before you open any more files, roll back to the April 27 version. Anything not opened in the new updated version will function as before. At least you can save that work. Back those files up, so you have emergency copies. You'll have to roll forward to manually correct the ruined files opened in the newer version. And then roll back again.

We kept one subscription rolled forward until we had manually "fixed" the scroll bars on the files we unwittingly opened. Then we rolled it back to April 27th and we will stay there until Articulate gets its act together.


Ren Gomez

Hi Sylvia,

Thanks for lining out what experiences you're running into as well. Julia shared a good tip on reverting to a previous version, and I've also started a case on your behalf to connect you with a support engineer.

You'll see an upload link in the email I'm sending you so our team can take a look at your files and provide some quick help!

As Simon just recently shared in this discussion, we’ll also be releasing an update that temporarily disables the default autofit feature while we make more improvements. We'll let you know as soon as this rolls out!

Joseph Francis

Hey Articulate, here's a tip, from a +20-year Macromedia/Adobe/Apple/Radius/Supermac/Pixar/MicroNet/FWB/ and others beta tester: get yourself some REAL, in-the-industry, beta testers (who use the product every day) to really bug-hunt every aspect of a so-called improvement before unceremoniously dropping it on a user-base which hasn't (by the volume of "nay" messages here) been clamoring for it.

It's bad enough that you insist on calling this a "feature" when it has clearly created far more hassle than value. It's even worse that you seemingly didn't conduct a SWOT of this "enhancement" before deploying it. Telling the user-base to "just revert to the previous version" of Storyline and stating you will be releasing a version which will "temporarily" disable the so-called feature tends to prove that.

Chris Want

Hi all
Is there not a way to remove the scrolling autofit on specific boxes please?
I am simply adding a circle with a + inside.
Where previously I could choose the size of the + inside the shape, it is now forcing me to a smaller size or it will put in the scrollbar!
As it is being treated similar to a marker, it doesn't work well as a grouped shape and separate text box due to state changes.
It also is much easier to work with state changes on shapes rather than importing as different pictures, especially if they need to be resized, moved or replicated at any point.

Any advice please?

Ren Gomez

Hi everyone,

We just released another update for Articulate 360, and thanks to your feedback, Text Autofit Improvements are no longer enabled by default.

This means, starting with this update, all new and existing projects that haven’t upgraded project text will remain with the legacy settings. If you have a project with text autofit enabled, you can update Storyline 360, then import the slides into a new project as they will not have the text autofit settings enabled.

Then, when you're ready, you can upgrade project text at any time to make the text more accessible to all learners. You can read more about this and all the new features and fixes below!