Next and Back buttons gone from Review Quiz when controls and menus hidden in Modern Player

Nov 30, 2020

I have  "Menus and Controls" set to OFF in the modern player on my latest course. (Storyline 360 version v3.43.22859.0.) When I do that, I of course need to create my own next/back/submit buttons.

No problem, until it's time to review a quiz. With no next/back buttons, learners can't properly advance through the review slides.

Am I missing a way to enable this feature while still using custom buttons and keeping menus and controls off?


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Ned Whiteley

Hi Charles,

I think your best bet is to enable Menus and Control in the Player and then use the slide properties to disable the various menus and control for the slides where you don't want them visible. This will enable you to incorporate your own buttons where you need to and use the built-in controls to progress through the quiz questions.

If you use Story View, you can select all the slides where you want to disable the buttons and menus and then make a group change in the slide properties dialogue in the bottom right of the screen. This will save a lot of time.

Carlito Tomas

Hi Ned,

Thank you so much for the tips. Although I already knew of those steps, I had been hoping to avoid them.

I can disable controls for slides where I don't want them visible, but it doesn't disable the player chrome, which is what I want. I've never liked the stock Next/Back buttons being so far to the right of the slides.

I also want to use those spiffy custom Next and Back buttons I created, so every single course I create doesn't scream "Storyline." And I like my large, themed "Submit" buttons inside my quiz slides, instead of the tiny generic checkmark/text far to the right of the slide in the modern player.

It appears as if there's no way to do precisely what I want, but I very much appreciate your suggestions!

Dave Kerschbaum

I came here looking for an answer to this same question, because I've disabled the player controls in order to give as much real estate to the content, itself -- I've recorded a simulation of a screen where the UI labels are sometimes very small.

But hey, just thought of something. Would it work to put hidden Next buttons on the quiz questions themselves but trigger them to become visible only if someone has already visited the question?