Next and Previous button as custom images

Hello :)


I need to create a custom next and prev button, based on our previous player template. Before I continue down the rabbit hole of researching, I thought about asking. The current style is for the classic player, but I want the same style for the modern player. The person who created the original template had an XML file, which I'm reviewing, but I wanted to know where I can find instructions to change it/create a new one.


For reference, attached is what I want to create:


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Judy Nollet

Hi, Robi, 

I'm guessing that the XML file contains the data for a custom color scheme and other settings for the Classic Player. There are >100 items to individually color in the Classic Player. That's how the previous player achieved the look of the buttons in the image you posted. It's possible to export the Player settings (including Classic colors) as an XML, so they can be shared with others. 

There's no built-in way to achieve that same look in the Modern Player. (There's probably a a way to do that with JavaScript or another programming tool, but I don't have that experience.) 

You can set the Modern Player to use icons and text for the buttons: 

Otherwise, to get the exact look you want, you need to use the Classic Player. (Well, you could also create completely custom buttons on the slides. But then you'd lose the built-in functionality of the Player's PREV and NEXT buttons.)