Next Button Not Advancing

Hi All-

Hoping the experts here can help!  I have a fairly large course that I was hoping to lock down individual menu's in different scenes.  I had them working and they stopped for some reason and I am stumped.  I have custom next and previous buttons and was thinking maybe that was the issue, but I locked down the inherent next button in troubleshooting and that's not working either.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Erin,

The highlighted trigger is set to change the state of what I assume is your custom Next button when a variable called "mainmenu" changes. 

However, I don't see any triggers that adjust "mainmenu." If the variable doesn't change on the slide with the trigger, the trigger won't see it happen, so it won't run. 

You need to adjust the "when" to something that will happen on the same slide.