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Leslie McKerchie

So you are viewing in mobile Safari, volume via seekbar is up, iPhone/iPad is not in vibrate/silent mode, and volume on the actual device is turned up?

Is there a particular slide that you are having difficulty with? Once I heard sound, I assumed that all was well.

What iOS are you currently running on your devices? I may need you to work with support to see if we can replicate in a similar environment.

Heather Hossfeld

Hi Laurie and Leslie,

We are experiencing this same baffling issue! We have modules created in Storyline 2, all since the September update that resolved the iOS 9.2 issues. 

The sound plays fine everywhere we've tested, including on iPads running iOS 9.2 and on Mac computers, EXCEPT on iPhones running iOS 9.2. On them, we have to repeatedly toggle pause/play/pause/play and after doing that a few times the sound comes on. 

The volume is turned on and turned up. We've looked at any other settings we can think of. One of our developers came across this note online and we tried and ruled out this cause as well: 

It would appear that different iOS’s change the functionality of the “ringer button” on the iPad. Essentially my ringer “swipe” (not volume buttons) is always set to off to avoid the noises of the click strokes – when I tried to view our historic courses using older Storyline versions this wasn’t a problem, BUT a newer iOS + new Storyline Version + silent ringer button gave sporadic results with testing of our lessons.
With iOS 8.3 and upwards I just need to ensure that our students keep their ringer buttons turned on

We have tried on three iPhones and encountered the problem on two of them -- on the third, the tester said it was fine. They were all running iOS 9.2. 

Any other ideas would be much appreciated -- we are delivering a lengthy course that we said would work on mobile devices and an awful lot of people use iPhones! The modules are in HTML5 and are posted on a website, not playing within the Storyline app. 

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Heather!

As you can see here, I did not hear back from Laurie so I do not have an update to provide there.

I'm not sure if you are describing the behavior of the button on the side for silent vs audible alerts, but this is a setting that people can control the behavior of in settings, so you may want to be sure that it is on.

Be sure that the users are viewing in a supported environment as defined here as well.

If there is something that you would like for us to take a look at, you are welcome to share your .story file here or if you need to share privately, you can do so here.

krystal kraemer

I wondered if there was any solution to the volume on the storyline not working unless the hardware silent switch is engaged on an iPhone? It took me quite a lot of troubleshooting before realizing this was the case and found this forum. As Aron Lyon pointed out, it is contrary to all other media; has there a solution to this issue in the last 4 years? 

Thanks, everyone

Lauren Connelly

Hello krystal!

I'm happy to help! Since this is a dated discussion, it would be helpful to understand which devices and updates you're using. Currently, our latest version of Storyline is Storyline 360 (Build 3.50.24668.0). And iPhones are currently running iOS 14.4.2. Additionally, are you seeing this behavior when specifically using Safari, or have you tried using another browser like Chrome?

Lastly, are you seeing this with all projects or just this one you're currently working on?

I appreciate you taking the time to troubleshoot this issue with us!

krystal kraemer

Hi Lauren, thanks for your response. I am seeing the behavior using an
iPhone 11 using 14.4.2 and the lessons are opening in chrome. The sound
does work if the ringer is on however if the ringer is silent it does not

The content is linked through my portfolio and because this is unlike how
most media reacts with the ringer off I am concerned those viewing may
struggle interacting if they do not know this quirk.

I appreciate any info you can provide. If there is no fix I will add a note
to the content but prefer not to have to do that.