Not able to get a "Pass/Fail" transcript result in CornerStone CSOD when publishing content from SL360

Aug 29, 2019

What is the best practice to publish SL360 content into CSOD to get a "Pass/Fail" transcript result?

A user gets "Completed" on their CSOD transcript, when a user "finishes" a course (navigates all slides) and/or (when they complete the quiz, whether they get a passing score or not).

Issue: can not see in CSOD when a user "Fails" the SL360 quiz.

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Brian Allen

Randy, some LMSs will give you Completed-Passed or Completed-Failed when using Pass/Fail, which is ideal for situations such as certifications or instances where you want to enforce remediation upon a failed status.

Definitely a problem if CSOD doesn't show "Failed", only "Completed".

Assuming you published from Storyline for "Pass/Fail" in your LMS publish settings?

If you don't see "failed" in CSOD are you at least seeing the accompanying score? Or maybe a "passed" status with a passing score?

If so this would help you identify those who passed/failed.