Hello, I've a problem with Storyline 360: I prepared a sequence of slides in PowerPoint with the text copied in the PowerPoint notes area.

When I import the PowerPoint file in Storyline 360 the  Storyline notes field has a black background with the text that is inside but not readable.

Can anybody help me?

Thanks in advance


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Helen Tyson

Hi Alessandro

The background is likely black if you have the modern player activated in your Player Settings.  You can change the modern player to the "light" theme or the whole player back to "Classic" in here if you wish.

If you keep the modern player in the dark theme you can change the colour of the text in the notes panel simply by highlighting it and changing the font colour on the Home tab.


Helen Tyson

Hi Sam,

While there isn't an "all in one" option, a technique you might find quicker is to export the course to a word doc using the translation feature and reformat the text in there.  You still have to edit each set of notes but I often think it's quicker in the table format than going slide-to-slide, particularly if all the text in your course is ending up the same colour: you can just highlight a table column and edit it all.


Tyler Balding

Experiencing black on black text with the modern template too. The glossary automatically converted to white on black when modern template was selected. Why can't the notes do this as well? Having to change the color slide-by-slide or exporting for translation is tedious and unnecessary. When will there be a fix for this?

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Tyler and Ashley,

So sorry you're running into this, and your idea for a notes font color setting in the player properties would make life easier! I'll share that idea with our team.

In the meantime, we'll keep you posted on our progress with this bug. I don't have an ETA for a fix at this time, but if that changes, we'll let you know!

Katie Riggio

So sorry you're seeing that, Melanie! I know that's a scary feeling when you find some changes did not keep after saving your work.

Let's narrow down why this color and font flip is happening:

  • Is the file saved to your local hard drive?
  • Does this happen with all Storyline files, or just this particular one? If it's a specific project, could you share it with us here so we can have a close look?
Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Concetta, 

The bug that Alyssa mentioned where the notes text is defaulting to black on a black background when using Modern Player with the dark theme is still being investigated by our team. When this happens, notes can't be seen in editing panel or in Preview as it's a black area. 

While they continue to look into this issue, there are a few things you can do to resolve it:

  • Manually change notes text to white
  • Use light theme in the player
  • Use classic player

We'll also keep you posted here as soon as there is more info to share! 

Vincent Scoma

Hey Kim, 

I am so sorry that you are running into this issue!

The bug mentioned in this thread is continuing to be investigated by our team. You are in the best place those to receive any updates we can share about this issue. We will be sure to provide more information as soon as we can! 

In the meantime, a few workflows that Ashley mentioned will help resolve the issue: 

  • Manually change notes text to white
  • Use light theme in the player
  • Use classic player