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May 29, 2014

Hi All,

I wondered if this was just me, or if anyone else has experienced it:

I have a number entry box which I ask trainees to put a number into. It is a large number (91825684) and it automatically created a trigger to update variable NumericEntry to the figure when the number loses focus.

I then set a slide trigger to jump to next slide when user hits enter with a condition that the NumericEntry be =

to 91825684.

Idea being they put the number in the box and hit enter, jump to next slide.

Here I found the bug.

When you are setting a Variable condition against a trigger, the variable can't be above 50000000 otherwise the conditional box does something strange. I can't post a copy here but effectively:

I enter:

Condition: Variable [NumericEntry] Equal To 91825684

However when I save the trigger becomes

Jump to next slide when user presses Enter and NumericEntry equal to 91825688.

I tried several variations, and as long as the number is under 50000000 then the trigger keeps it.. anything over 50000000 the trigger does something random to the end number..

Does any of this make sense?

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Helen Tyson

Hi Adrian

You are not going mad, it does make sense, and it's definitely not playing fair!

Do you need to use the number in a calculation at any point? If not use the text entry field instead - this works. If you do need to calculate with it, you could create an additional number variable in the background that has a starting value you need and use that in the calculations instead.

A few extra mouse clicks but it works, and I'd definitely report this one.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Adrian,

It would be great if you could share your .story file (or even a sample). I tried this set up - and I didn't see the same trigger you mentioned it creating, although it wouldn't let me enter the number you shared as an option - it changed it to be 91825680. So I'd like to see if when looking at yours it does the same thing - or if it just goes haywire across the board. 

Kennethg Goeieman

Same problem here.

If I adjust a certain variable on a condition of a number that was entered Storyline changes the number to another number...

For example if I enter a condition for a number  entered 921113106334  Storyline changes it to 921113133056

I'm confused. Find ,story file attached 


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kennethg,

Just an update I was able to reproduce this in a new file and have reported it to our QA team for review. It seems to be that the change randomly occurs with more than 7 digits - but again there wasn't a discernible pattern to how it changed. I don't have a time frame to offer in regards to a fix for this issue, so in the meantime I'd look at using less than 7 digits if possible. 

Math Notermans

Basically this is still an issue in Storyline360. Only way to cope with it is converting your NumericEntry to a TextEntry. Some Javascript can do that for you... When calculating you have to depend on JS too then... convert back and forth between numbers and strings for display in Storyline.

Here is a sample of that in an older sample...

Michael Hardin

When will this be fixed?  We shouldn't be limited to only 7 digits.  I am using a number variable to track the order of user clicks (I assigned a number to each object and then multiply by 10 and add that number when they click), works great until the 8th click.  After that it just adds zeros. 

Lauren Connelly

Hi Michael!

I can see how frustrating this must be! It looks like you're working in a case with my teammate, Ronaziel! Great call on submitted a case!  Ronaziel has included your comments in our current bug report. When we have a timeline to share on the fix, we'll update you in your case and this discussion. 

Here's how we tackle bugs!