Numbering in Storyline Player Menu- Is Numbering Required for Accessibility/Screen Reader?

Jun 29, 2021


Our team is working on a Storyline course that has 3 lessons and within each lesson there are 3 topics. We are formalizing our navigation in the Player menu and are seeking guidance on the automatic numbering available. The automatic numbering is causing confusion for the lesson. 

For example:

1. Course Introduction

2. Lesson 1

3. Lesson 2

4. Lesson 3

Is automatic numbering required to meet accessibility standards to ensure screen readers can view the lessons/topics in sequence or can that be accomplished with indentations of lessons/topics? Thank you for any insights on this topic. We want to make sure all content is accessible and doesn't cause confusion for the learner. 

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Caitlyn!

Great question! Automatic numbering isn't required to meet accessibility guidelines. This would be covered under WCAG 1.3.2 Meaningful Sequence, which essentially says that content needs to be linear to make sense to learners who rely on assistive technology. For example, you wouldn't require a learner to take an assessment on the whole course after only viewing one lesson.

I'm eager to hear what other community members recommend!

Caitlyn Distler


Thank you again for your assistance. I am familiar with the concept of meaningful sequence when it refers to the Focus Order for the items on a page and have configured those settings. Can you provide any recommendations/guidance on how that impacts the navigation in the Player Menu or how a screen reader knows the sequence of content from the Player? Thanks in advance for any other resources you can share.