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Becky Heineman

Hi All!!

this is a great thread! I'm experiencing some of the issue above with my question variable coming out  more than my hardcoded quiz question number  (i.e. question 42 out of 40). I'm leveraging multiple question pools (have a total of 40 questions) and they are random, but a few have questions that are linked to each other so we can ask multi-part questions.  Other than making sure the slide is set to 'reset to initial state'  and making sure only the main question slides have a trigger to add to the QuestionCount variable I have set up, that's about all I can do if I understand correctly, right??

Becky Heineman

Hi Wendy!

  I'm seeing it during the initial quiz. I'm hoping I got it worked out though - forgot we'd added two more questions but my count was still showing 48 of 40 and that would still only bring me up to 48 of 42 so I'm going to re-test this morning and cross everything! today is my deadline so if anything we'll have to figure something else out! *I'm also having an issue with question pool'd questions repeating themselves so that's not helping my count! :)