Numbers 4 and 5 on Keypad not Registering


I am using a number as a trigger.  The numbers across the top of my laptop and keyboard register in the trigger just fine.  However, the #4 and #5 on the keypad off to the side of the keyboard are not being recognized.  Since we do not know what a learner will use to advance to the next slide, a trigger is needed in both areas.  

Is anyone else having this difficulty?  I have attached an example of what I am referring to.  Thanks in advance for the technical support.

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Birgitta Irblich

Thank you Walt for looking at my Triggers. Unfortunately, when I try to assign the NumPad5 to my project it remains unassigned. Interesting you mentioned about copying triggers from slide to slide, I did delete it and recreated it from scratch. It still does not register when the key is depressed on the keyboard. I also thought it could be my keyboard, however, when I reached out to my co-workers, they were surprised to have the same problem with their keyboards.

I believe there may be a problem with Storyline? I saw a post with this same problem 6 months ago!