Paste in place

Jul 29, 2014

Being that there is no paste in place option within the same slide, can anyone answer what is the offset of the pasted object in px?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Philippe,

There is a keyboard shortcut in Storyline 360 for Ctrl + Shift + D to Paste object in the same place as the original object.

Storyline 3 doesn't have this keyboard shortcut, but a close alternative is Ctrl + D to Duplicate

You can read more about the keyboard shortcuts in Storyline 3 here

Glenda DeHoff

I am trying to copy an icon and a text box from the hover state of one object to the hover state of another object. I have tried all of these tricks with no success. I even tried matching the x and y coordinates. The items are still off! 

I tried adding guide lines but they disappear when trying to adjust them in the states. This has added hours to my development time.

I attached the slide I am working on. I am trying to match the text and icon location from button MW to button HF.

Walt Hamilton


Edit the Hover state on the HF button, select the man icon. On the menu, click Format. The X and Y values now refer to the location of the man icon in relation to the minuscule "+" that you see at the upper left of the gray High Frequency box. That represents the origin of the state.

When I opened the MW and then the HF boxes, I found that the Y values of the man icons differed by 1 pixel. The X values differed by more, but you have to take into consideration the difference in the X positions of the MW and HF boxes. When I did that, the X values of the man icons were off by one or two pixels. Changing the X and Y values of one of the icons lined them up perfectly.

The text boxes were different. I was able to line up the X values, but even with equivalent Y values, they differ by about half a pixel, even after I replaced one with a copy of the other. I finally edited the MW text box, changing its top margin from 5 to 6, and its bottom margin from 5 to 4.