Pasting text from Word

I've noticed an intermittent problem with Storyline 2 when I paste text from Word into a text box. Sometimes it pastes the same text three or four times. This happens consistently with each paste of that particular text i.e. if I delete it and repaste I get the same result - multiple copies. If I paste the same clipboard contents into another program like Notepad I only get a single copy. 

In Storyline it makes no difference whether I use the Edit menu or Ctrl-V.  It seems to make no difference whether it's a paragraph or a single word. And it's intermittent - maybe 1 in 20 pastes.  I'm sure I've ruled out user error - twitchy finger.  I can easily get round it by pasting the offending text into Notepad and copying and pasting it from there to Storyline.

Is this a known issue?

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Brian Sarfatty

I experienced the same problem when copying and pasting from a Word storyboard.  For me the problem was tied to tables.  If I selected the entire table cell, I got those duplicates.  If I carefully dragged to the right edge of the last word, it pasted as expected.  It's fiddly, because in Word as you select text in a cell and overshoot the last character just a little bit, the whole cell gets highlighted.  

Hianna Sabo

Hello everyone - Try selecting the text just before the last period. You will notice the selection doesn't include a table, nor all of its awful table code. I am interested in finding additional ways to request script approval from clients. Or workarounds to using Excel and embedding some way to track text changes...