Pause at end of object timeline trigger not working

Feb 11, 2022

Hello everyone!

I want my timeline to pause on a certain object. If I assign the trigger to pause at the start of a timeline on an object, it works, but it doesn't appear. If I do it at the end of the object timeline, it doesn't pause. Hypothetically, it should. 

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Jacob Stone

I am also following this exactly, but instead of pausing at a certain time, I want it to pause at the end of a certain the objects remain on the screen until the user clicks "continue" to proceed...however, that's not working.

Walt Hamilton

 The pause is executed before the object appearance, so it pauses before you see the object. If the object has an exit animation, it is designed to disappear to nothing at the end of its timeline. So the pause will come after it has exited.

If that's not the problem, use the slide timeline instead of the object timeline. Pause at exactly the point you want, while the object is still visible and active.