Personality Quiz - need trigger help

Mar 12, 2023


I tried following these admittedly old (4 years) instructions on setting up a personality quiz made by Alison Lamotte, Storyline Customer Advocacy Manager. My trouble comes in at step 4 - setting up and managing triggers.

I've been able to do steps 1-3, creating my categories, creating a quiz question, and adding variables.

I can't get past Step 4 - adding triggers and conditions. When I compare my trigger wizzard box to the instructional screenshots, I get lost and am unable to make them match. Can someone direct me to updated instructions?

 I've included a screenshot of what I see on my screen, but don't know how to edit to be an equivalent of what is represented in the instructions.

Does someone have a personality quiz storyline template I can play around with?

best! Cheryl

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Jose Tansengco

Hello Cheryl, 

Thanks for reaching out!

While the layout may look different, the functionality of the trigger wizard is still the same. In the new Storyline 360 trigger wizard, you'll want to use the 'Adjust variable' trigger to add something like this: 

Some notes: 

  • In the trigger wizard, click on the word set to change it to add 
  • Click '+ if' in the Conditions section to select an object and reference one of its states

Check out this article to know more about triggers in Storyline 360. 

Let me know if you have any questions!