Pick Many -- multiple correct responses

I'm sorry if this is a stupid question!

I wanted to do a Pick Many where three out of five answers are correct.

However, I would like for learners to get a 'correct' response even if they choose just one of the right answers. 

Is this possible? Right now I can't get it to work... learners have to select all three, or they get an incorrect result.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Andy,

Using the built in pick many question you would need to select all the correct answers. What you'll want to do is set up two off stage buttons for correct/incorrect and make those the elements which determine your quiz element and you could use a Pick one question type. You'll then set up the objects on your slide that the user is able to select and set a trigger to change the state of "correct" to "selected" when the user clicks object A OR object B. The Or condition is the crucial element there. 

This would allow you to have the behavior you're looking for where the user can choose all the correct options or only one and still be scored correctly. 

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Andy,

Put this together as a quick example for you. I only have 3 choices, but two are correct. I've set this up in the way that Ashley has described.

When you look at the trigger panel, be sure to notice that the Submit Interaction trigger has to be the last one in the list.

Please shout out with any questions.

Yuyen Chang

Hi, I get the gist of it with the 2 "off-stage" buttons' states being changed. The piece that is missing for me still is what exactly is telling the results slide (and when and where) that the changed states of these two buttons will give the user different scores? Button 1's selected state means Correct and user gets 1 point.  Button 2's selected state means Incorrect and user gets no point. 

I'm using a multiple-choice question, where the instructor wants to give students 1 point for picking whichever of the 3 choices available because they are all correct.  Thank you!!!

Yuyen Chang

I've included all the questions in the file attached, but the only "problematic" question I need help with is Q6. Any of the 3 choices should count as "correct" and should give the student 1 point in their final results. Just to clarify, the last slide with the EXIT sign on it is the Results slide. We don't want to display the points to the students so I had removed all the objects on the default Results slide and inserted my own. However, we DO want detailed tracking of how students answered each question and we DO want that data sent to our LRS (we use Learning Locker). Initially I just didn't select a correct answer in the Form view, but this seemed to have lead to students receiving a partial grade in Canvas (since we are using Quiz Results to track completion. Is it possible to use the multiple-choice question format, and somehow make all the answers correct and credit students the same way whichever answer they picked?

Mark McPhail


I have followed this thread and am having trouble understanding how I can accomplish my idea. Forgive if this has been answered as maybe I am not understanding. I am creating content that is surveying in what areas students would like to enhance their skills, ie. professionally, technically, socially, etc. 

I have listed various skills underneath the main categorically of skill development. What I want to do is have the students choose the skill applicable to them, such as "select all that apply". Some will only choose certain skills. All of them can be correct, but I want to grade only the ones they choose without them having to select ALL the correct answers. Is this possible? Is it also possible to see which students selected which skills to develop as this is used for academic advising as well?

Lauren Connelly

Hi Mark!

Thanks for attaching your file!

For the Area of Further Growth Scene, it would be helpful to add a button to bring the user back to the first slide where you ask "In what areas do you desire further growth?". This would make sure users don't need to click every checkbox in order to return to the main slide. 

In regards to tracking the progress, you'll want to add a result slide to track the information. Don't hesitate to use a blank result slide to track that information!

Mark McPhail

Hello Lauren,

Perhaps I wasn't clear in my intent.

I want to collect the responses they chose, not a graded percentage.

For example, If they choose three of the 10 skills, I want to see the three that they chose, not that they get 100% for choosing three.

Is this a functionality that is offered? I can't really wrap my head around it quite yet.

Ryan Govreau

Hello. This might not be the correct thread, but my question does revolve around a pick-many interaction. 

In my scenario, the learner has 4 possible answer choices, two of them being correct. The learned needs to select both correct answers to be shown the correct feedback. The correct and incorrect feedback is on two separate slides - instead of layers. 

I have it working, I think, but the transition to the feedback is choppy and seems clunky. Would anyone have any suggestions? 

Martin Brown


I am aware your post is almost 7 years old.

I think this will help with my current issue but I am not quite understanding how to do this. Hopefully you can help me further.

(I did put a post out yesterday)

The user will have to select where to drop each image - there are more than one correct options.

How do I fix this so it does not show incorrect - when they have selected one of the correct options.

I have attached the file

Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Sa.

Thank you for sharing your .story file!

I believe you meant slide 1.7 is working correctly (you can only select true OR false), while slide 1.6 allows you to pick both options.

You can fix this by selecting the buttons and adding them to a button set (Right-click > Button Set > New set):

Screen Recording 2021-08-20 at 03.41.45 PM

I also want to mention that, while you can achieve this effect with checkboxes (just like you did in Slide 1.7), I would use radio buttons instead for design purposes. When it comes to User Interface, your learners will expect that radio button choices are mutually exclusive (one or the other), while checkboxes allow them to select more than one option from a list of choices.

Walt Hamilton

I work a lot with little kids, and one of the things I will do with them is to approach one whose name I know. I will say to him, "Jake, what's your name?" It confuses them beyond belief; only the brightest know how to respond.

That's what these triggers are doing to the submit function:


You go into the form view to set which items need to be selected, and when these triggers attempt to do it, it is really confusing. Delete them, and you and the submit function will be much happier. Of course, you will have to add a Submit Pick Many interaction trigger.

Then when Submit is no longer confused, there is another problem:


I know it is a lot easier to select the correct answers by what they say, but the text is never selected, the check boxes are selected. So all these answers in the Form View need to be changed to the corresponding check boxes.

Then with Submit working correctly, these triggers (and all the ones like them) are a problem:


Again, the text is not selected, it is the Check Boxes that are selected, and they need to be in these triggers.

Personally, if I'm the learner, I want to check on the text, and forget about the check boxes. If you want to do it that way, on slide 1.10, I've made the changes I've suggested, as well as given a sample (for "Thank you very much. That was helpful.") that shows how the text can be clicked, instead of the check box.