Pick one question - allowing multiple selections!!!

Dec 21, 2022

Hi Heroes!!

Can anyone help?

Here's the thing - I have a 'pick one' question using radio buttons. There's five options. The thing the learner has to pick is the correct sign. So - I've grouped the sign image with the button. This allows me to shuffle answers when it's accessed. The image shuffles with the correct radio button...

The problem is that that this creates a random situation where two, or three radio buttons can be selected before the learner 'submits'... These selections cannot be 'unselected' either - very odd. If the radio buttons are left ungrouped, clearly the radio button 'pick one' works perfectly.

Anyone have a clue as to why this happening?? I can solve by making the selections static - no shuffle. But I really want to avoid that.

Thank you!!!

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