Play Online Video Before Proceeding

Hi. I have a course where a slide includes a video from YouTube. We know that we can not track whether someone watches the video, but I'm trying to find a way to restrict the NEXT button until the user at least clicks the play button on the video. I've tried using a hotspot and a true/false variable (the hotspot blocks the actual start button on the YouTube video and the trigger to play the video when the user clicked the hotspot didn't work). I've also tried adjusting the variable when the user clicks the video but the video is not one of the options for that trigger. What am I missing? The client REALLY wants to compel the user to watch the video if possible. Thanks for your thoughts. 

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Walt Hamilton

Don't use a NEXT button. (My personal preference is never to use them. Even when I have to use them, I call them something like "I'm through here" of "I'm ready to move on".) But in this case, you don't need one. Advance to this slide when the learner is ready to watch the video. Start the video when the slide timeline starts. Set the timeline to the length of the video, and automatically advance when the timeline ends.