Please help! Multiple audio on one slide...

I am really hoping someone can help me - I am having issue after issue with multiple audio files on one slide - here's what I need to have happen:

Slide 1: This plays beautifully - learner is to select what choice they would make in this situation, depending on the choice they go to a layer or another slide. When they return back to the original slide, they are greeted according to the slide they visited and onto the next question. This slide has two returning audio clips so building the triggers and variables was not difficult.

Slide 2: Problem comes in with having more than two audio clips. No matter what I do (and I have spent many, many hours testing every sort of variable and trigger I can think of, getting close in some cases, but then it disrupts other triggers or variables) I can not seem to get come up with that perfect alignment of variables and triggers that will allow this. If I select the 'Cynthia Yong' option, I go to the correct slide then click the close button and return to my original slide to make another choice. However, even though I have created my True/False variables (play audio 'Return from Yong Audio' if 'YongVisited = True' and all other options they have or have not visited from the base slide = false (they are all written out in the attached file - just didn't want to put that all in here) other audio clips play along with the audio I wanted only to play. 

This is a very complex lesson and I am pulling my hair out trying to get it to work properly. Would someone be willing to take a look at the attached file (a trunkated version of my course) and show me what the heck I'm doing wrong? I would be eternally grateful!!

I'm also available to discuss virtually, if this would help!

Also, if you'd like to flex your Storyline muscles and take a look at my other issue, I won't stop you! In slide 2, when I click the 'I need to pull a report' option the layer 'Review Reports' appears with two choices - one choice takes the learner to view the reports they need on a separate slide and the other option displays an 'Incorrect' layer. Even though I have variables that disable the buttons, they are not disabling, nor am I able to move forward once the correct choice is made - I am in a loop always coming back to the same layer - I'm a mess!

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Lori!

I'm sure we can help figure out what is getting in the way here! It looks like the audio overlaps when using the Play button on the seekbar. This is because of where the audio is on the timeline. Since you've already triggered the audio to play, is it necessary to include the seekbar with the Play button? 

I'm interested to hear what other community members share!