Prevent "- Storyline output" being added to folder name

This is a major pain point. I'm working on a large web-based project, and the addition of  " - Storyline Output" to the folder name is maddening. (Let's ignore the fact that the addition of spaces in an HTML folder is just wrong, and bad practice to start with. It's really indefensible, in my view, as a simple matter of best practice.)

1. I have to manually rename every folder on initial creation.

2. If I have to publish a change, I can't simply publish to the existing folder. Because the additional text creates a completely new folder, requiring me to manually copy the files from the new folder to the existing folder to overwrite them. 

Why am I not allowed to control the name of the output folder? And, while we're on the topic, why do you add a non-HTML-compliant text addition to HTML 5 output?

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