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Ren Gomez

Hi Arith,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing your file! I opened it using Update 48 and was able to Preview and Publish the slide with no errors or crashes. Here's my Review 360 link.

Are you saving your file locally or on a network drive? The article below shares some helpful tips on storing your files:

Let our team know if you're still experiencing this issue after updating the latest version and storing the file locally!

Arith Hsu

Hi Ren, thanks for looking into this. I have checked the build you published, indeed it "looks" good....but.....

I noticed that the font is not the one I specified in my test project. 

So, I went ahead to change all the text into the default font - Gulim, and I can preview the build and can publish it without problem. 

Then this make me wonder if the actual issue is with custom font. 

Could you use my previous project, and install the custom font, and try it again?

Download link: 




Dominik Ginthier

Hi Arith,

We are currently experiencing the same issue when creating courses in Storyline. Recently our company changed fonts and since then Storyline crashes on a regular basis, especially when previewing and publishing courses. All files with the "old" font work perfectly fine.

In our case I am using Century and Noto Sans for most languages. Have you tried using Malgun Gothic for Korean? That works quite well for me.

Best regards,

Arith Hsu

Hi Dominik,

Thanks for your comment. 

It depends on our client's preferences, we have been using Noto Sans series fonts for Asian languages, and all were working fine, including Korean. We seldom use Malgun Gothic, but I have give it a quick test, it's also working well. 

In my test project, the two fonts were also from Google's open license fonts. And preview or publishing will crash. Those two fonts were based on our client's requirement, so it's really not our call to change to other fonts.

Our temporary workaround is roll back to v3.46.