Print download PDF using Javascript - want to change the font from Time New Roman to Arial on the print out

Apr 11, 2022

Hi everyone,

First I do not know javascript, but very grateful to someone who posted a while back the javascript to allow me to print multiple text entry fields in a storyline file and I just replaced the variable names and the text.

So now I have figured out how to add text to my printout, and lines to help separate content.  Still doesn't look too pretty but easier to read.

But I have an issue with Times New Roman.  Can someone help me with he exact code and where it should go in my javascript so the print out is Arial instead?  Also I change the height of what I thought was the button on my preview window to 24px to make it a little taller for the text "Select to print or download a PDF", but the button doesn't look any taller.

Any other quick tips on how to make the output look prettier would be great. But would at least at minimum be able to change the font.

I have included my review link, so you can see how it looks at the moment.  I attached the storyline file so you can access the javascript code on the last slide.  This block will actually be in a RISE file where the scenarios were initially displayed in a tab format.  So wanted them to appear in the print out as well.

Review link:

Again, don't understand javascript but can figure out how to tweak things with help :)

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Kelly Auner

Hi Teresa,

I'm happy to hear that you were able to figure this out! Thank you for updating this thread. I'm sure others in the community will find it helpful to know that it's possible to change the font.

If you need additional assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to us here, or privately through a support case!