Print/Export triggers/variables

Sep 16, 2014


Is it possible to export, or print, a list of variables or triggers?

For documentation of a project it would be very handy to be able to export a list of the triggers and variables so we can make it easier to pass projects between developers.


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Andrew Egbert

I'd love to have a reporting included with a packaging feature, just like InDesign, Quark, and Illustrator have.  In advance of comments, I know that they're not the same type of software. :)

Would be useful to be able to generate a list of assets, variables, triggers, and anything else that might be useful.

Stacey Craig

I've submited a feature request but thought I'd also add my comment here. This is a much needed feature in my opinion. When you are working with over 200 slides with approx 7 triggers per slide, there needs to be a better way to view triggers. It would be much more time efficient to look down a list of them all than click on each slide and layer individually. Often theres just one trigger that's causing chaos and it's hard to find if you have to look at everytihng in isolation

Harrie Janssen

I'd like to be able to search in my triggers or print all the triggers in a project. I am working with project I did not make myself and searching or printing could really help me understand how they build it. For instance I want to see if they've added the "complete course" trigger and if they did on which slide and if they added certain 'if' variables to complete the course.