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Walt Hamilton

I create my glossary in Word in this form:

Word - definition

Word - definition

Then I copy each entry and paste it in the definition part of the glossary. Then I copy the      "word -"  part and delete it from the definition (CTRL-X), paste it into the word part and hit backspace a couple of times to erase the "-".

For those who think this is too much work: I wait until the rest of the project is finished, and copy the glossary at one sitting. It only takes a few minutes, I have a copy of the glossary I can print, and I only have to type it once.I find it is easier to copy difinitions one at a time from to Word to Storyline than vice-versa.

At the moment, this seems to be the best option for printing the glossary, but I'm certainly open to other ideas.

If I have a project in several segments, I do a save as... to the first segment, delete its slides, and add the new slides. That way I have my player (including glossary and references), intro and credit slides all set up.

FWIW: I have a lot of segments. We do not produce segments longer than 15 minutes except in VERY special circumstances. That policy has something to do with the research on how people concentrate and learn :)


Walt Hamilton

Here is the final .pdf.

The outline points become my slides, and the glossary terms are copied into the player.

When I publish the finished module to Word, I get the slides and the Notes (which is the transcript of the video portions). I add them to this, and give the user a button to jump to the file.

Crystal Horn

Hi Pernille.  Attaching a standalone glossary file to your Resources tab on the Player will still be your best bet for having a printable resource.

Do you need to reuse a glossary with different .story files?  Using a Storyline template will be the way to bring your glossary content to another project!

Pernille Ravnskov

thanks for the reply. :)

The suggested solution still goes against the "old chinese proverb": If you have a clock you will know the time, if you have two clocks you will forever be uncertain :-D

One of the files will, without a doubt, sooner or later, contradict each other because you forgot to update in more than one place. But someday I hope Articulate will provide also this feature.

Janet Bernhards


I second this. Do I need to send a feature request also--or if one person has done it, no need to duplicate? I'm using the Glossary as an acronyms list. I made each entry before realizing that it didn't export :-(   I, too, need an SME approval of everything in SL. Without the export, I'll have to retype it all in a Word file.....

Katie Riggio

Thanks for adding your voice, Janet! I've got you covered and added your thoughts to this feature request's report! ☺️

We love sharing updates, and we’ll post them here once we have them. Thanks for letting us know how we can make things better, and feel free to share any other suggestions you may have here or via our Feature Request form!

Walt Hamilton


Articulate does not respond to ideas on the basis of how good they are, they respond to ones that a lot of users want. So everybody that wants a new function should request it.

In your particular case, go to File -> Translation -> Export (or export to Word in SL 3). Deselect Include original text. It will export and open a Word file. Use find to search for glossary, and you will see this:

Highlight only the item names and definitions and copy them. I have only one item, but you can copy hundreds at a time:


Open a new Word document, right click and from the paste options, choose to keep only the text:


Beautify as necessary. I usually bold the item names.

Teresa Vanderpost

Just checking in, can you add me as a number to the list of users wishing to be able to export the glossary to give to their SME to review?  Right now I have the SME just putting it in the Comment box in Review but it makes for a very long comment list ...would love to be able to export the existing for exporting and then just copy and paste changes back in,.  Glad I found it so I know someone has requested it.

Chris Hensen

Hi Crystal. Being able to print the glossary while in development (SME approval) as well as allowing the learning to print the glossary during training are big wins in my book. I realize and acknowledge the work around options. But as we carve out micro-learning events as part of a much larger learning package.