Problem with accessibility shortcut Ctrl + Alt + . on AZERTY keyboard (french)


I have noticed that the shortcut Ctrl + Alt + . used to jump to next slide is a bit complicated to use on Azetry Keyboard:

On this keyboard, the period is available with Shift+;

But making Ctrl + Alt + Shift + . doesn't work, you have to first CAPS LOCK then make Ctrl + Alt + .

Then to use other shortcuts you must(un)CAPS LOCK.

It would be easier to use Ctrl + Alt + ; on Azerty Keyboard. Maybe the best solution would be to be able to customize these shortcuts.

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Ludovic!

Thanks for sharing your experience regarding keyboard shortcuts with us! I don't see a similar report logged for what you're running into with keyboard shortcuts when using an AZERTY keyboard.

I'm going to create a feature request on your behalf to offer the option to customize keyboard shortcuts. I'll keep you updated on the progress of this request in this discussion.