Problem with reset to initial state

Apr 28, 2014

Hi everyone,

                       I'm a Storyline newbie and was wondering if anyone can help. 

                       I have a multiple choice quiz where the user is supposed to click the correct word that they hear (as an aid to learning to read in English). 

                      If the user selects the wrong word, it triggers a layer that tells them "That's not correct."  I have put a "refresh" marker button at the bottom so the user can then reset the slide so they have another chance to choose the correct word ( I don't mind unlimited tries).

                  However, although I've used the "reset to initial state" option on these layers, the slides do not seem to reset and the user is locked out. 

                  How can I get theslide to reset so the user can have another try at the quiz?

                 Thank you very much in advance for any suggestions,

                  I've attached the first couple of slides in question.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ian and welcome to Heroes!

You'll need to change the revisiting properties for your slide, as currently it's set to "resume saved state" so the state of your object is still selected. If you change it to "reset to initial state' the user is able to select a new answer on the revisit.

Hope that helps! 

Jeff Orman

I just found a bug. When you "reset to initial state" for quiz questions it will reset the question when I click on review quiz results, Storyline resets to initial state so that all or most questions are incorrect since it gets that they were never answered. When I get back to the results slide I no longer have 100%. I failed and it sends this failed result to the LMS.

I am using automatically decide for quiz questions, reset to initial state (for interactions and not scored questions) in the future.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jeff,

That is by design - although it does impact the review behavior unfavourably. The reason being, that using the "reset to initial state" would allow users to navigate back to a question and change their answer if you'd like without having to go through the entire retry. Using automatically decide will allow Storyline to make the decision based on the slide information and using "resume saved state" would be the other option. 

Sylvia Wright

I have a drag and drop quiz with two answer columns (hot spots) and am using the retry default layer.  I have set the base layer and the retry layer to return to initial state upon revisit, but nothing is changed on the base layer when I click the try again in preview????  How do I get the objects to return to their original position, please???

Sylvia Wright

I think I have found a way around this by setting a trigger on the retry button to go to another slide I've called second try that is set up identically to the initial quiz.  So far it is the only way I've found.  If the "reset to initial state on revisit" does not mean reset the objects to their original locations...what does it mean/do?  THANK YOU

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sylvia,

There isn't a built in way to rest a drag and drop to have the items return to their start point as a part of a 'try again' as the user is being shown how they previously answered. The method to allow the user to reset to initial state on revisit does work on a slide if you use a "jump to slide trigger" from the try again layer so that it will count as a new visit vs. just hiding the layer which returns you to the slide where you've left off. The difficulty with the jump to slide trigger and the reset to initial state is that you would no longer be able to track the attempts for try again using the built in attempts. 

There is a thread here with a few answers on how to set up a drag and drop to reset on a try again, and allow only a certain number of attempts, and you'll see that there is a bit of a difference of how to do it in Storyline 2 vs. 1. 

Hope that helps! 

Joe Chiodo


I have slides in which when an object is selected, it becomes hidden, and a text appears below it.

I have set the slide to "reset to initial state" upon return, but when returning, the objects that had been selected prior are still hidden. No variables or refresh button is being used.  I merely want the slide to be entirely reset when a user revisits the slide.

Am I missing a simple step here? 


John Morgan

Hi Joe,

Great question! I understand that your slide doesn't reset to its initial state when you return to it. I’m happy to work with you to figure out why this is happening!  I have a few follow-up questions regarding the situation so I can understand what you are experiencing a little better.

I’ve attached a Story file that I created in Storyline 360. I created it with a button on the second slide to revisit and you can revisit with the 'previous' button on the player. The slide resets to its initial state after revisiting when using either. Do you mind opening it into Storyline 360 on your end to see if you notice the same behavior?

Thanks for reaching out and I look forward to your response!