Problems with embedded LinkedIn Learning Videos

Sep 28, 2021

Our organization has an enterprise license that allows us to embed LinkedIn Learning videos in our content.  I am having trouble finding a way to have the videos play within the storyline slide.  Using the insert web object tool, it will only work if you allow the website to open in a new window.  This is very much less than ideal as learners may get lost getting back to the next Storyline content in the LMS or they may try to complete the rest of the LinkedIn Learning course.

Using the video from website tool to embed an iframe, I am only able to make it work with a very stripped down iframe (no sizing, autoplay, etc. syntax) and then the video seems to size to the original rather than the standard LinkedIn Learning size and will not work at all in Firefox (only Chrome).

Has anyone figured out a good way to embed LinkedIn Learning videos?  Is there something I am missing here that would make this work?


Mary Elizabeth


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