Proper Video Pause/Play Using a Hotspot

Hello everyone, I have run into an issue that I hope you may be able to help me with.  I have a video that starts, then pauses at a certain point and the learner is asked to find/click a specific part of the screen.  The idea was that when the correct part of the screen was clicked (hotspot), an audio clip would play acknowledging the correct solution and the video would also "un-pause" and play to the end.  I have no issues getting the video to pause and prompt the learner to click,  the second audio clip will also only play if the learner clicks on the hotspot.  The problem is that the video will "un-pause" and play if the user clicks anywhere on the video, not just on the hotspot, which results in misalignment of the hotspot.  Both triggers to play the second audio and to play the rest of the video are under the hotspot, so I cant figure out why the audio trigger functions properly, but the "play video" function works even if one clicks outside of the hotspot.  I need it to start playing again only when the hotspot is clicked.  Any ideas here would be greatly appreciated and please let me know if you need additional information.

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