Publish the value of a variable outside of Storyline

Jan 13, 2023

Hi there,

I hope someone has already solved this small, trivial but important problem:
01 - I created a text variable Name.
02 - During execution, the User types his name (Stefano) in a text box linked to the variable Name.
03 - I visualized the Value of the variable Name inserting the text "Name: %Name%" in a rectangular shape.
04 - I created a procedure in PHP to send an email message.
05 - I have already produced all the elements to send the Email!
06 - I need to send an email with a message and a subject where it is possible to read "Name: Stefano"!
07 - Currently the message arrives normal but with the text "Name: %Name%"!

How can I post the final text resolution with the value of the variable to read "Name: Stefano"?

A while ago I used a Javascript function to get this effect! I don't think you need PHP processing!

I think it can be extremely useful for many users!

If I solve the problem by myself I'll update you on the solution!

Thanks in advance!

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