Published file set over 50 times larger in Japanese

Nov 24, 2022

I have a file set which was produced in English. It has been sent to translation, upon it's return, the source file is exactly the same size but the published file (SCORM) is 269mb whereas the English is 4mb, what is causing that? The translation vendor has changed the font but I am certain it cannot account for the published file being 67 times larger. It is causing issues on their LMS meaning the content takes over 5 minutes to load. This is not exclusive to Japanese, it also happens in Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) and Korean all of which use different fonts.

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Jürgen Schoenemeyer
Rebecca Metcalf

Hi Kai, We have experienced this before and the font is the likely culprit. I believe it is because fonts are embedded when required so the content is actually rendered as an image OR the font itself is being included in the published file. That is why it is affecting only some languages. You may need to try different fonts to find one that results in a smaller published file size. Arial Unicode MS is the fallback choice, or try Noto Sans or Source Han Sans (both open source). I hope that helps.