Published zip file ballooned in size after upgrade to Storyline 360

Has anyone experience their zip file, published for LMS Scorm 1.2, growing substantially in size after updating to 360, when the .story file content has not changed?

I have a file that published to 111MB using SL2, and after updating to 360 the zip file size is now 178MB. I checked the compression settings, and they were both the same. I have also resaved the file with a new name.

Any help would be appreciated, this zip is too large to deploy on my LMS, and I can't revert to Storyline 2.



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karen forkish

Hi Leslie!

Thank you for answering! I did not explain myself well in the original post. Here are the steps I followed.

Open file in Storyline 2, and publish to LMS.

Resulting zip file size is 111MB.

Close file, and reopen as Storyline 360.

Check quality settings to be sure they are the same. They are.

Publish to LMS.

Resulting zip file size is 178MB.

Do you know what would make a file published from Storyline 360, 67MB larger than the exact same file published in Storyline 2? 

Thanks so much for any insight you might have about this!