Publishing fonts into scorm

Oct 02, 2018

We're having a problem with Adobe TypeKit fonts not rendering in Storyline when published to server.

It used to work fine.

As near as I can tell, fonts are published in a scorm package to:


We see open-sans there, but nothing else.

Is there any experience that can help us resolve why TypeKit fonts are not rendering? Looks to us like they aren't included in the published package.


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Sam Carter

I've found that publishing the same course on two different workstations results in two different output.min.css files of very different sizes.  The smaller size works.  The larger size does not.

Can you please take a look and possibly tell us what is wrong with the larger attached file?


PS: Both machines are using the latest production SL 360.

What version you ask? (This problem has spanned multiple versions)

Yord Breugel

Hi Sam,
No idea if this is still relevant for you.
But for anyone who might be facing the same issue, I was having the issue that Google Font weights were not working when publishing to SCORM in Articulate Storyline 360.
In the end I've solved this issue. The problem was that I installed a variable font in Windows. With this filetype font weights do not work. When installing the static fonts separately however, it did work.
Hope it might serve you or anyone else.