Question about Zoom Region

Jun 27, 2012

Hi everyone,

I had an idea for an activity in mind where the student would hover over different parts of a map and the text from the different parts would enlarge or zoom in when the student hovers over it. This is show the student can read the text from the map, that might be too small in its original size. I tried to do it with the zoom region feature but it seems that you can't really modify it too much so that it's a hover text feature. Do you know if there's any way to do this?



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Steve Flowers

Hi, Daniela - 

The Zoom Region isn't built for interactive zooming. It's more of a Zoom-a-coaster on rails. 

This might help you accomplish what you're looking to do by embedding a Web object:

It's a snazzy add-on to Jquery for zooming parts of an image. Lots of options.

Gerry Wasiluk

Or, another easy option is to use states.  Make your map a bunch of "image pieces"  (like graphics of each the states in a U.S. map).

For each image in this example, add a hover state and do things like make the state bigger, add text, other images, etc.  Then add a trigger to the image that when moused over, the object goes to its hover state.

Here's an example using characters: . Mouse over and off the blonde-haired woman.