Question-level reporting in LMS (Saba) for Storyline 360 embedded in Rise

May 22, 2023

I am not finding any discussions about this, so I apologize if I missed it somewhere in the threads.

We have two simulations built in Storyline 360 with multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank questions + results slide. Each simulation is embedded in its own Rise module.

Storyline360 Results slide
Quiz settings: "Calculate Results for Questions."
Final Assessment
Tracking: When the learner completes a quiz (results slide/final assessment)

Rise publish settings
Tracking: "Track Using Storyline Block."
LMS Reporting: SCORM 1.2 "Passed/Incomplete" 

We are publishing to Saba.
Reporting currently shows Completed/Unsuccessful status, number of attempts, time spent, and final score.

However, the question-level data (correct/wrong, answer selected, etc.) is not coming through. I have attached a screenshot of that report.

Are we missing a Storyline publish setting somewhere? Or is this an issue due to the fact that we are embedding the Storyline file in a Rise course?

Note: We have also tested this publishing to SCORM 2004 (not our SOP) but not getting better data.

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