Question with multiple parts

Hi all, I am wanting to build 10 quiz questions that each have two parts. In order for a user to pass they would need to score at least a 90% on one part and then a 70% on the other. Would this be possible? It would basically look like this:

Question 1

Choose the right thing





Now choose the other right thing







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Deidra Phillips

I encountered a similar problem and solved it with layers and triggers.  I started with a drag a drop question that contained three elements.  Splitting those three elements into three different questions was not ideal, so I created a three part multiple choice question.  My client requires the learner to be able to try again if the first attempt is unsuccessful, so I factored that into my design.  Here is what I did:

1. Create a separate layer for each question as well as the standard feedback layers - Correct, Incorrect, and Try Again.

2. Create a variable called Correct.  Each correct answer adds one to this variable.

3. Create a variable called Try Again.

4.  Add one to the variable Try Again when the timeline starts on the Try Again layer IF the variable Try Again = 0.

5. I set the question layers to display in a specific order.

6. The final question layer leads to the feedback layers.  If Correct = 3, the user sees the Correct layer.  If Correct < 3, the user sees the Try Again layer IF the Try Again variable = 0.  

7. If the Try Again variable = 1, they've already tried the question twice and the triggers on the final question layer will take them to the Incorrect layer.

I hope this was helpful.