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Ben  Wyse

I have figured this out.   I created a variable called "Score".   With the questions in the question bank, I originally created them with the correct/incorrect feedback layers.  In this case, the correct layer only shows a flying green check mark and the incorrect layer shows a similar flying red X mark.  The layer only shows for 1/2 second and immediately takes you to the next question.   My quiz has a 1 min time limit.  The timed quiz function doesn't work right with a question bank, so I had to create my own timer which stops the quiz after the minute runs out.

Since I had these layers available, I put a trigger on each layer which adds or subtracts points depending on whether you got the question right.  Instead of the usual Results variable I am just displaying "Score". 

The nice thing about this is I didn't have to create FreeForm questions.  These are just the standard T/F questions.  SInce I was using the Correct/Incorrect layers, it was easy to add the variable adjustment on each layer.

It works perfectly now.

Thanks for your help.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi All,

Following along here. I like the idea of not needing to set up a freeform, but instead use existing quizzes. I didn't use quiz banks, but otherwise tried to follow along with what Ben did (or my interpretation of same ), and created a 5-question T/F quiz with negative/positive displaying on correct/incorrect layers. I removed the percent from the results slide to just display scores.

Then I was wondering about creating a running score as the quiz progresses: each slide showing the tally to that point. I started out OK by creating a trigger with slide 1 showing 0, and then showing 10 or -10 depending on whether the answer was correct.

But then I began thinking I'd have to create a gazillion triggers as I went along because of all the potential scores

Slide 2 could = 20 if both answers to that point were right, -20 if both were wrong, 0 if  one was right and one was wrong

And that would grow exponentially for each added question (I think).

So is it doable?

I'm uploading what I did. I think I probably should have modified the correct/incorrect on the Feedback master instead of on each slide (I copied/pasted to save time, but still), yes?

Just through the quiz together...it's not anything I'm really using (obviously).

Ben  Wyse

Hi Rebecca,

I am traveling this weekend and don't have access to StoryLine.  But, if I understand you correctly, everything you described can be done on the slide master which you use for the questions.   You can set up a text box to display "Score" on the slide and have that variable adjusted as the person is answering each question.   

For the negative point values you can use a standard t/f question but you just add a trigger to the correct and incorrect answers which add or subtract points.  If you are only doing a few questions it isn't that hard.   My quiz has 40 questions in a question bank and it only took me about 30 minutes to roll through each one of them to add all the triggers.

I hope I understood you correctly.  Sorry I can't see your Story file for now.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

This is very strange. I updated a post here a couple hours ago, and now it's gone. Just saying, so if y'all see it twice, you'll know why.

Ben, I've put everything on masters, thanks.

What I don't understand how to do (and you may have explained it there, but I totally missed it) is how to show the "current value" as the Learner answers questions on successive slides. So in my first rendition without using feedback and regular masters, and in this attached one using them, I DO understand how to get the score for that particular slide to appear on the page. But what I'd like to do is this:

  • Learner gets Slide 1 question one correct. 10 points displays on the feedback "layer." Total score, 10, shows on the slide in the top right
  • Learner gets Slide 2 question two correct. 10 points displays on the feedback layer. Total of 20 shows on the slide, top right.
  • Learner gets Slide 3, question three incorrect. -10 points displays on the feedback layer. Total of 10 shows on the slide, top right.
  • ETC

Tx to anyone who can help! I've uploaded what I've done this far.

Annie Jean

Hi Rebecca,

Here is a suggestion.

You can add two triggers to the slide saying

Adjust variable score / add / Value / 10 / when user's clicks / Submit button / if Button True / Equal / Selected

Adjust variable score / substract / Value / 10 / when user's clicks / Submit button / if Button False / Equal / Selected

I think it should give you what you want... just testing right now!

Have a nice weekend!


Ben  Wyse

Take a look at this.  It's working now.  I added two more variables to get you a rolling total and an individual slide total on each slide.  Plus I added a 3rd finalTotal variable to "lock" down the final score because it will get messed up if you review the questions. 

There are some notes on a couple of slides.

Hope this helps


Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hey Ben and Annie,

Tx for your help. Ben, I'm going to download this now and see if I understood what y'all did. Not sure when I'll get to it, but certainly in the next coupla'.

Tx, too, for making notes on the slides. I do this all the time. I find it to be the MOST convenient place to keep notes on stories that I'm using for learning. I even created a Screenr about it!